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Basement waterproofing by Vulcan is a science and art that pioneered industry standards. Our methods set the pace with today’s complex world of building construction and protective maintenance. Our techniques are as effective for a one-family home as they are for a towering commercial building.

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When the foundation is built, exterior basement walls are usually encased in tar, membrane and polyethylene film. These barriers will eventually stretch, shrink, crack and admit water.

Water in the basement and basement moisture is a fact of life for the homeowner. And it’s a serious problem that doesn’t go away on its own.

Basement waterproofing benefits include:

  • Increased property values
  • Prevents loss of property value
  • Provides a healthier home environment
  • Warmer basement during cold winter months
  • Drier basement during humid summer months
  • Increased living space and safe storage space
  • Improved quality of life
  • No musty basement smell

Vulcan Waterproofing provides a free, no obligation estimate to analyze your particular problem and determine the solution that is right for YOU! Our services include do-it-yourself information, basement ventilation and dehumidification solutions, loss of power options, and many other services including crack repair, sump pump installation, as well as a pressure relief system for controlling water in the basement while preventing hydrostatic pressure build-up in and around foundation walls, which can often be a problem for homeowners with basements in New York, New Jersey, and the Philadelphia area.

Vulcan takes nothing for granted. We approach each job as a unique challenge which demands the most appropriate and cost-effective solution. We specialize in below-ground water problems and in our 65+ years we have dealt with just about every situation imaginable in a basement or crawlspace from occasional dampness or mold to several feet of water. Each situation presents its own challenges and requires a trained eye to determine the problem, the cause and the solution. We receive many testimonials which praise the ingenuity and versatility of Vulcan’s expertise.

If you partner with Vulcan Waterproofing, you can finally put an end to water in the basement for good.

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Great Job!!! I had the basement waterproofing done in April 2011. Your excellent work was proved this weekend after Irene went through. My basement was dry as a martini. Really great job gentlemen!

Carl G., Raritan, New Jersey

This is just to let you know how pleased we were with the recent installation of our basement waterproofing system. Noel and his crew were neat, efficient and proficient. I highly recommend them and your company to anyone in need of your services. What sold me on your company in the first place was the longevity of your company and Larry M. who spoke with me initially. I was impressed by his knowledge, professionalism, and length of time with Vulcan. Thank you for a job well done.

Carol M. - Newark, DE

The crew you sent did a great job installing the basement waterproofing system. It has been the best money we ever spent on this house. I would have never thought anything could work to keep water out of our basement because it would flood every time it rained. I only wish I would have had this done 10 years sooner.

Marion B., Phoenixville, PA

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