Vulcan Basement Waterproofing Experience

By: Matthew Verville

Another Satisfied Basement Waterproofing Customer

Vulcan experts guarantee waterproofing success.


If your home or buildings are troubled with water-damaged basements, the problem can certainly be solved. Don’t be dismayed by an inexperienced or amateur waterproofer who tells you otherwise. Disregard all claims that basement water problems cannot be corrected after a house is built.

The truth is that the vast majority of basements can be waterproofed at any time. Water can be effectively controlled by modern techniques. Take comfort in knowing that more than 65 years of Vulcan Basement Waterproofing skills and technology will safeguard your home. We’ve waterproofed over 500,000 basements in NY, Long Island, CT, NJ, PA, and DE.

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Vulcan Waterproofing is alone in training its personnel in both office/classroom settings and in the field – at locations throughout the United States. Schooling is intensive, leading to certification as a Vulcan specialist adept at spotting early signs of possibly dangerous and costly water damage to foundations.

Course work includes hands-on instruction on applying the most suitable problem-solving methods. Our people also learn the principles and practice of preventive waterproofing – how to detect, interpret and correct the most elusive conditions before they erupt into a leaky basement and a major headache.

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Above all, the Vulcan Master Waterproofer is an accredited expert in knowing WHY the condition exists, WHAT produces it and HOW it can be eliminated most efficiently and at lowest cost. Trainees must pass a battery of rigorous tests before their first job assignments. They must demonstrate an inclusive knowledge of expert Vulcan application technique.

In addition, our technicians receive ongoing guidance in maintaining the highest levels of performance, as well as in Vulcan’s latest methods and materials.

Your promise of excellence: the Vulcan Master Waterproofer

Vulcan’s management team – nationally and locally – pursues a common aim: to sustain the proficiency that has built the largest, most reliable and most innovative waterproofing company in the world.

Our reputation rests squarely on the quality of our people.

Accordingly, we refuse to compromise. Vulcan Waterproofing training programs are among the most thorough and costly given. Vulcan’s managers are often on-the-job with field personnel, offering new solutions for old problems. Our managers are always on call, sharing years of waterproofing know-how with their nationwide staffs.

Rest assured with the Vulcan Unconditional Service Guarantee!

…that we will always be Prompt, Courteous and above all — Reliable! As a Family Owned business, we pledge to provide you with the type of service our customers have been enjoying since 1947. Our 65+ year outstanding reputation is at stake on every project we undertake so we treat each customer, creditor and employee as though they were a member of our family. We have found that the reward for doing good work is …More Work! Thanks to our previous customers for your trust in us and to our new customers “Welcome to the Vulcan Family”! We will do our very best to earn your trust too and insure your complete satisfaction. Learn more about the benefits of basement waterproofing

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I am writing this note to the supervisor of the crew of Vulcan Basement Waterproofing who installed the system on April 4. The crew completed a very thorough job with quality craftsmanship. They were very diligent, courteous, and friendly. I would recommend your company without hesitation.

Kathleen F., Morrisville, PA

I am pleased to report that the personnel sent to my residence conducted themselves in a proper and professional manner. They were prompt, efficient and left the work sight as clean as possible. I highly recommend the work done here... Please feel free to use this document in any promotional literature.

M. Garbino, West Chester, PA

This is to let you know that the men you sent to our home were extremely considerate and did an excellent job in our basement. The crew kept dust and noise to a minimum. They worked straight through the day with only a little break. Because of their work ethics and considerations, I will highly recommend your company to anyone who is in need of basement repair.

Mrs. Faralli, Morristown, PA